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SlantRight 2.0: Khana Dak -Shamim Masih writes about the exploitation and deprivation of Pakistani Christians in a slum colony just outside of Islamabad. The Christians in Pakistan may not be having their heads chopped off en masse as in the terrorist pseudo-nation the Islamic State, but their lives are lived in oppression nearly as dhimmis.

SlantRight 2.0: 5 More Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting -Michael DePinto wrote a Conspiracy Theory piece in which he flags a middle alternative on the occurrence of the Orlando Massacre perpetrated by Omar Mateen. That alternative is accusing the FBI using a false flag of being behind Mateen’s Muslim murderous rampage. Knowing what I know about Islam still places me in the camp that Islam is to blame.

The pseudonymous writer Fjordman had his identity outed because the crazy mass-murderer Anders Breivik admired and cherry-picked Fjord... -A Fjordman essay analyzes the choices the UK faces after Brexit and lists Norway and Switzerland’s non-EU membership as horrible models to follow.

SlantRight 2.0: Interesting End Times Scenario Albright has some interesting theories that are different from other eschatology portrayals of the Last Days. I grew up being told the Antichrist would come out of the European Union because the land mass roughly corresponded to the old Roman Empire. Albright believes the Ten Nations of Daniel will be Middle Eastern with Saudi Arabia being the chief of the Ten.

SlantRight 2.0: Holocaust Denial is Antisemitic -Jyrki Soini wants me to examine Germar Rudolf a convicted Holocaust denier. It is my opinion that if Germar Rudolf denies the existence of the Holocaust or denies that Adolf Hitler was evil is a dangerous proposition. The Holocaust was an evil agenda of Nazism that cannot be dismissed.

GEERT WILDERS: We Must Preserve "Western Identity"and Civilisation By ENDING #Muslim Mass #Migration

SlantRight 2.0: Christ in Dreams and Visions to Muslims I found this article at WND that is about an underground mass conversion of Muslims from Islam to Christianity. Are the conversions the result of an anointed evangelist or preacher?

I participated in one of those mass emails to Congress recently in which an email was sent to my Oklahoma Representative from District One and my Okie Senators. I received a response from Rep. Jim Bridenstine. Senator James Lankford, my Republican Senator responded today. The responses were about tax reform. Only Bridenstine addressed terminating the IRS.

7/23/2015 NYC against Iran Deal - YouTube..Caroline Glick speaks at "Stop Iran" rally in NYC times Square...she speaks out against Obama's' surrender to Iran and his facilitation of their mass murder terrorist operations and ..

Mark Alexander has written an editorial that I pray goes viral on the Internet. His opinion piece is a damning indictment of Obama, Kerry and the Obama Administration in general in making a nuclear deal with Iran that is not verifiable and essentially will NOT prevent Iran from developing nuclear armed weapons of mass destruction (WMD).