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Prunkvolles*Elben*Mittelalterkleid*Brokat*Gewand*Gothik | eBay


Hohe Kragen-Winter-Wolle-Mantel für Frauen-CF081

'A dream of a black jacket, warm soft shell fabric in black lining in the sleeves and the hood with a wonderfully rich dark red Fuutterstoff with woven black roses'

Damen Mantel Gothic Lolita Evil Queen Coat Victorian RQ Barock Dracula Black neu | eBay

von Etsy

Steampunk ring, silver steampunk, filigree ring, boho ring, angel ring, magic ring, watch gear ring, galaxy ring, OOAK

'Time and space' Silver crystal angel steampunk ring

Absolutely love her hairstyle, clothing and color coordination, she is beautiful too - lady 8/10 fashion 10/10

So far this woulld be my personal favorite. For the neck and head anyway. And the facial features are a perfect fit for the way her face is described in the Commando Lizards story.

Model & photo: © Obsidian Kerttu Dress: Punkrave / Devilnight Necklace: Noir Romantique Wig: EvaHair Makeup: LASplash Cosmetics Welcome to Gothic and Amazing |