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“There are many, many types of books in the world, which makes good sense, because there are many, many types of people, and everybody wants to read something different.” ― Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning Art by Brett Helquist, from The Bad Beginning: Rare Edition.

Gregory Maguire (1954-) American novelist

So many reasons!

Book Lover Typography Print - John Wilson (Scottish Writer) 1785-1854

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What’s the best thing in the world? READING BOOKS. And the second-best thing? All things pertaining to books. Here’s an eclectic playlist of songs about our spiny little friends to brighten up your ears. Pictured is “Wrapped Up In Books” by Belle and Sebastian.

"Some books are so familiar, reading them is like being home again." ~Louisa May Alcott Scrabble tile pendant jewelry by HomeStudio on Etsy.

sind besser als Schokolade ...

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