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Erkunde Helgoland, Ausflug und noch mehr!

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Helgoland by LR_Photographie.

La 1re division de croiseurs, en tête, le porte-drapeau, Lion suivi par la Reine Mary (i.e. Queen Mary) et la Nouvelle Zélande (i.e. New Zeland, vue des trois croiseurs-cuirassés qui ont pris part à la bataille navale de Helgoland) : photographie de presse / Agence Rol

Dirk Funhoff. What are your favourite scenes to photograph? "I like to observe and photograph animals without the need to hide but there are only a few places in Germany or Europe where you can do this. Heligoland is certainly one of them."

Gray Seal, (Halichoerus Grypus), Helgoland, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany - Ha Ha, you so funny !!

lightpainting helgoland 3

HMS Courageous, lead ship of the Coirageous class of Aircraft carriers. Built by Armstrong Whitworth as a cruiser & completed 4/11/16. Participated in Second Battle of Heligoland Bight. Her conversion to a carrier began on 29/06/24 at Devonport Dockyard & completed on 21/02/28. Her WW II career was short. Carrying 811 & 822 squadrons of swordfishes she was on anti submarine patrol she was torpedoed & sunk by U-29 0n 17/09/39(less than a month after this photograph was taken). 519 crew…

Yoga masters of the animal world

Two grey seals appear to be sharing a joke on the beach in Heligoland, Germany. Photograph: Thorsten Milse/Robert Harding/Barcroft Medi