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Stundenbuch aus Paris Paris / Tours · zweites Viertel des 15. Jahrhunderts / um 1490 Cod. 101 Folio 5r

Le roman de la rose - late 15th century French

Vieille Gives Bel Acueil the Crown of Flowers, Le Roman de la Rose, University of Chicago Library MS 1380, fol 81r, c. 1365

Silk 15th century Burgundian Heartshaped Hennin or Henin, made by Angela Mombers. Buckram frame reinforced with metal wire, padded and decorated with galon and pearls. Silk false liripipe and cockscomb. Picture made by Margot Mi.

English Medieval Clothing | Renaissance historical costume: fashion style source. Women's, 15th ...

Anne of Brittany – 7 years of bad luck

1492 - 1495 - Anne de Bretagne at Confession <-- You're welcome to read more about Anne of Brittany on my blog :).

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Latin 1173, two initials from f. 52r. Horae ad usum Parisiensem. France, 1475-1500.

File:Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry avril (détail).jpg

Anne of Brittany. Queen of France. Ancien Régime fashion. French Renaissance clothing. France medieval tudor costume

La Noble Pastoral. Woman with box loom . Detail from 'Le Travail de la Laine' tapestry, 15th century France.