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Moosburger Graduale um 1360 Moosburg Cim. 100 (= 2° Cod. ms. 156) Folio 51

Valentine's Day Musical Cards. Dead Reckonings MathematicsThemed Valentines Day Card

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A selection of Medieval music for guitar and lute. Transcription note by note from Krylov's original music. Played on 6, 10 strings classical and folk guitar...

Universitat de València, Biblioteca Històrica, BH Ms. 835, f. 3v. Johannes Tinctoris, Opus musices. Naples, c. 1483, illuminated by Nardo Rapicano. The Guidonian hand: “a graphic mnemonic device in which musical notes are arranged on the left hand, used in medieval music to assist in sight-singing.”

British Library MS Yates Thompson 25, f. 1 Depiction of the resurrection in a historiated initial of a liturgical text with musical notation. It is not long until Easter, and its message of hope from despair.

erikkwakkel: Circular song Medieval music books, with their merry notes jumping off the page, are a pleasure to look at. This sensational page from the 14th century adds to this experience in a most unusual manner. It presents a well-known song, the French ballade titled En la maison Dedalus