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Rudolf : Wilhelm von Orlens 13. Jh. Cgm 63 Folio 86v

Horse armor (bard), by Wilhelm von Worms the Elder, 1507, and knight's armor by Matthes Deutsch 1505, of Duke Ulrich of Wurttemberg. Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Shaffron (Horse armour). 1520-30, South Germany.

One set of horse armour belonging to Henry VIII, it is known as the Burgundian bard.

Horse armour of Waldemar VI, Duke of Anhalt-Zerbst. German, about 1480

Knights jousting, c.1445-c.1450. The British Library, Public Domain

The Burgundian Bard: This horse armour was a gift from the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I to Henry VIII to mark his marriage to Katherine of Aragon in 1509. It is described in an English inventory of 1519 as ‘given by the Emperor’.

Horse Armor of Duke Ulrich of Württemberg, for use in the field. Germany, 1507

Medieval Knights on Horseback

A legendary beauty, Elizabeth Woodville was the first child of Sir Richard Woodville (later the first Earl Rivers) and Jaquetta of Luxembourg. She was a maid of honour to Margaret of Anjou. Her first marriage was to Sir John Grey of Groby (died in battle 1461). She secretly married King Edward IV of England in April 1464, and was crowned Queen in May 1465. My 15th great grandmother.

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