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Erkunde Elsässischer Mundart, Folio 136 und noch mehr!

Jacobus : Legenda sanctorum aurea, verdeutscht in elsässischer Mundart [u.a.] 1362 Cgm 6 Folio 136

- OPUS INCERTUM - SAYA, GONELA (II) de Mujer hasta el siglo XIV Retablo de la Virgen y San Jorge, Luis Borrassá, 1400, Iglesia de San Francisco,

Barthélémy L’ Anglais, livre des propriétés des choses, Marche 1480. Traduit par Jean Corbichon, illustré par Évrard d’ Espingues


How “Old School” is Old School? Personal training for fitness – and survival – in the 15th century

One of my favorite illustrations. 15th Century-style: Fencing, weight-lifting, stone-throwing, wrestling and tumbling were all considered excellent ways for members of the Renaissance upper and middle classes to stay in shape and gain “a nimble and elegant body in concord with a healthy spirit”.

Bodleian Library MS. Bodl. 264, The Romance of Alexander in French verse, 1338-44; 60r

Handwerker Dieses Bild: 006735 1479 ; 1479 ; Wien ; Österreich ; Wien ; Österreichische Nationalbibliothek ; cod. 3049 ; fol. 66v

Pottery jug with green glaze depicting human face at front with arms beneath. The arms are formed of applied strips and are bent at the elbow so that the gloved hands are pressed against the body at shoulder level. The hair is represented by a strip of clay above the top of the handle. This is decorated with pierced holes and short, incised lines, probably representing braiding. Restored from fragments. Medieval 14thC(early) Excavated/Findspot: Worcester Cathedral, Height: 39.7 centimetres

Nouvelle acquisition latine 1673, fol. 59v, Fabrication du fromage. Tacuinum sanitatis, Milano or Pavie (Italy), 1390-1400. Keywords: Green dress