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Erkunde Praktika Auf, Jahre 1368 und noch mehr!

Illustration on parchment from a medieval bestiary; England, 13th century, second quarter (MS. Bodl. 764)

The Ishtar Gate was the 8th gate to the inner city of Babylon. It was constructed in 575 BC by King Nebuchadnezzar II Dedicated to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Through the gate ran the Processional Way, which was lined with walls covered in lions on glazed bricks (about 120 of them). Ishtar Gate depicts only gods and goddesses which include Ishtar Adad and Marduk. Statues of the deities were paraded through the gate and down the Processional Way each year during the New Year's…

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Perfect free animals font available on Fonts2u. Download cats_csp at

Perfect free animals font available on Fonts2u. Download cats_csp at

Secondo il testo del Physiologus i leoni sarebbero stati in grado di resuscitare i propri cuccioli morti soffiando loro sul volto (in questo caso leccandoli). XIII secolo, Londra, British Library, Ms Royal 12 C XIX, particolare del f.6.


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