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Ulrich <von Türheim>: Der starke Rennewart (Willehalm) Ende 13. Jh. Cgm 193,V Folio 14v

Cooking pot Production Date: Medieval - possibly 14th century

Crémaillère PÉRIODE 15e siècle SITE DE PRODUCTION France (origine) TECHNIQUE/MATIÈRE fer (métal) DIMENSIONS Hauteur : 1.37 m Largeur : 0.72 m Profondeur : 0.075 m

Dreibeintopf mit randständigem Henkel 12./13. Jhd Ort: Fredelsloh


Medieval lantern, found in Smithfield, London (copper alloy) is a beautiful piece of preserved architectural history from the UK

cooking pot 1475 - 1525 Dimensions 16 × 21,5 × 17 cm Material and technique redware, lead glaze

Getijdenboek Philips van Bourgondië

cooking pot 1450-1550 Dimensions 10 × 12,5 × 8,5 cm Material and technique redware, lead glaze

Second half of the 15th Century, German Gothic bronze Mortar and pestle. Tall cylindrical body with flaring lip and angular handle, the sides decorated with wheat stalks. Heavy knobbed pestle. Provenance: Sotheby's International Price Guide 1989-90 edition. Size: 7.5" tall, the pestle is 12"

MS. Bodl. 264 The Romance of Alexander in French verse 1338-44; with two sections added in England c. 1400 Folio 132r