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Meisterlin, Sigismundus / Mülich, Hektor: Augsburger Chronik - SuStB Augsburg 2 Cod H 1 - 1457 - Folio 14

Réegnier Pot, Grand Armorial équestre de la Toison d'Or, Flandres, 1430-1461.

Standard Bearer of the Canton of Zug by Urs Graf Site contains many good images.

Ecclesiastical stole, detail. V&A Place of origin: England, Great Britain (made) Date: 1290-1340 (made) Artist/Maker: unknown (production) Materials and Techniques: Linen, embroidered in silver-gilt and silk thread Museum number: T.343-1921

An image of Jesus, represented as a medieval armiger. The picture comes from the middle of the 15th century Hyghalmen Roll which is now at the College of Arms. Circa 1450

Theobald Westhofer, SS 1503 (108v) -- «Rektoratsmatrikel der Universität Basel» (Matriculation Register of the Rectorate of the University of Basel) [Universitätsbibliothek, AN II 3]

Authentic or modern? Modern - exceptionally well executed modern, but modern. Check out this guy's album - his work is magnificent, and seems very true tot he medieval illumination style.

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