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@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @Magneto1166: #Sanders: We're No Longer 'Fringe' Campaign via @NBCNews #FeelTheBern #Wisconsin #WisconsinForBernie #Bernie2016 March 29 2016 at 10:58PM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @Bill_Cimbrelo: Do we know how much the petroleum industry....errr I mean Hillary raised in March yet? #FeelTheBern April 01 2016 at 02:51PM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @InaMaziarcz: #FeelTheBern Bernie's Social media meme's make it seem like he's just one of us poor folk. So what is his effective Tax Rate? March 29 2016 at 03:03PM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @BurtonBrown: Equal pay for equal work. Its not a radical idea. - @BernieSanders #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern March 31 2016 at 03:03AM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @iamdovakin77: Well done Bernie. #MichiganPrimary #FeelTheBern March 08 2016 at 08:51PM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @ScottSneifert: @politico Get out and vote for Bernie people #defythepolls #FeelTheBern April 01 2016 at 01:52PM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @mattbuysvinyl: @Obama4ever1 @ChrisJeffries24 @BernieSanders Don't even want to start this one i can already tell your opinion will never change. March 08 2016 at 10:05PM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @Chrisain_Bolt: #IfTrumpWins America will be change to Trumperica March 08 2016 at 10:23PM

@ChrisJeffries24 : RT @Lat_Sen21: The blue states are speaking! They are saying Give us @BernieSanders #MichiganPrimary March 08 2016 at 10:07PM

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