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1. Iggy Azalea Australian rapper Iggy Azalea pretty much appeared out of thin air with her with talent beauty and sensational rear end she invaded and conquered the hip-hop music industry in no time. It rumor that her butt has had some extensive work done on it. 2. K. Michelle During recent times K. Michelle came under fire via social networking with regards to her overstated butt. People speculated whether her was countefeit or legitimate due to its large size. She would routinely respond…

#learn something new today! Ooohhh I love #history Let me give you a brief history lesson on #earlnightingale Born in #LA in 1921, he was one of the 15 surviving marines on the USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbour. He then began to work in the Radio Industry (easily with that voice!) and in 1949 he was inspired by the repetitive message in THINK AND GROW RICH, written by the awesome Napolean Hill. That repetitive written truth was...WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT -"As ye sow, so…

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Always be a child with Lyrics by Ray Boltz

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