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Wann die Demokratisierung im Netz den Marken schadet

Marken wollen Everybody's Darling auf allen Kanälen sein - und gehen damit das Risiko ein, durch die Demokratisierung ihre Marke zu verwässern.

Check out The Pageant Planet Podcast! Here you will discover everything you need to win the crown of your dreams. Each episode we interview experts in all categories (PreTeen, Teen, General) and give you the insights to help you win. This episode discusses what you need to know to win your pageant interview.

When you’re in the midst of a transition, whether it’s career, relationship, finances or all of the above, sometimes it’s helpful to hear a word from an expert or someone who has already been where you’re trying to go. Although the term ‘self-help’ can sometimes come across as corny or preachy, the following black authors have woven humorous, poignant and super-relatable stories to help

The Allan McKay Podcast -- Allan McKay is an award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Technical Director in Hollywood - join Allan as he interviews many of the leading experts in Hollywood about their careers, pitfalls and what they took to succeed, while also gaining a lot of core knowledge to help build your career, money and success and skills to make the biggest impact in your career AND in your life! |

Left from write: "Emotionally charged documentary about dyslexia. It tells the personal story of discovery of the narrator and combines interviews with dyslexics and experts. It gives a fascinating insight into the advantages that go along with being dyslexic."

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Career Experts Reveal The Best (And Worst) Questions To Ask In An Informational Interview

Career Experts Reveal the Best (and Worst) Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview - Forbes

“What Time Should I Get to the Interview?” and 31 Other Questions About Interviewing Answered | The Muse

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Are social media making the resume obsolete? -

This board was featured in CNN's article: "Are Social Media Making the Resume Obsolete?" (July 2012)