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Erkunde Texas Tod, Todeszelle und noch mehr!

TDRI;Esequel Banda.12/19/1963 - 12/11/1995.31;

TDRI;James Briddle. 4/7./1955 - 12/12/1995.40;Last meal; T-bone steak (rare) six fried eggs, hash browns, buttered toast, milk and orange juice.

TDRI;Johnny Garrett.12/24/1963 - 2/11/1992.28;Last meal; Ice cream.

TDRI;G. W. Green.11/21/1936-11/12/1991.49;Let's do it man.Lock and load.Ain't life a (expletitive deleated)? Last meal;Pizza,coffeee and tea.

TDRI;Craig Ogan.12/18/1954-11/19/2002.47;The real violent crimes in this case are acts commited by James Boswell & Clay Morgan Gaines.We have the physical evidence to prove fabrication & cover-up.The people responsible for killing me will have blood on their hands for an unprovoked murder.I am not guilty;i acted in self-defense & reflex in the face of a police officer who was out of control. In other words Officer Boswell was angry at the time i walked up.

TDRI;Daniel Hittle. 3/1/1950 - 12/6/2000.50; Santajaib Singh ji.