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Erkunde Bewegungslos In Weiß und noch mehr!

Never heard of this band, but this is great

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Been working on making the posts a little different now that Infamous is out! Let me know if you like it or absolutely hate it!

Motion, Space & Time What is the concept of motion? Is there anything that is truly motionless? With what as a reference point? Is there anything stationary on Earth given its constant rotation? Is it not possible that space and everything we know within it is in constant expansion and/or contraction, by the same proportion, therefore nothing can truly lie in a complete motionless state? Be it the grandfather's clock or what's regarded as the most accurate timing device, atomic clock, time

VIP's for the Beyond The Barricade UK Tour have been released! Get yours at .. Don't know who took this photo, but thank you.

chris motionless from motionless in white. this man is my inspiration. hes just...i don't even know. he makes me speechless.

harshingthemood: I have loads of leftover Motionless In White stickers/posters. Posters are $5 and stickers are $2. If you or someone you know would like to something, let me know~

Motionless In White - Sick From The Melt (Ricky Horror Remix) Did you guys know he remixed "Underdog" as well?!