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Ožiažolė, noraga, Pimpinella anisum

Elecampanes were a common ornamental during Victorian times, but they’ve fallen out of favor – and I can understand, but I find them structural and cool. Their roots are used for bronchitis and persistent coughs, but a grad student in Ireland has also found that extracts of elecampane in alcohol kill MRSA, which is certainly a non-trivial usage.The medicinal ornamental garden

Five Things To Do With Wild Violets | First Ways I may have to buy this book she references too! So much to harvest in the spring!!

Berries: dog rose (Rosa glauca). The edible rosehips are a great source of vitamin C - just make sure to remove the hairy seeds from inside and use the flesh to make jams, sauces, soups and teas. Photo by Sarah Cuttle. Find out more about the dog rose here

Horehound is an earthy, sexy herb useful in fertility spells.

New 2015 Seed SALE Angelica Achillea by ShakerHeirloomSeeds1

Aloysia citrodora (Verbenaceae)

Patchouli plant

I once had a patchouli plant that lasted several years. At times, it was allowed to dry out too much, and never produced flowers as it got too much light, the leaves we lovely.

Herbs: Mentha - Flowering mint