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Erkunde Mosaik, Umbrella Yokohama und noch mehr!

Oiran - Shin Yoshiwara 1914 Although, I can’t read kanji, I can make out the name Shin Yoshiwara, the former pleasure quarters of Tokyo.

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Hand-colored photo, about 1870’s, Japan, by photographer Felice Beato. ベアトの写真に手で彩色した古い絵はがき。

Hijikata Toshizō (土方 歳三 May 31, 1835 – June 20, 1869) was the vice-commander of Shinsengumi, a great swordsman and a talented Japanese military leader who resisted the Meiji Restoration. In 1863, he and Kondō Isami formed the Shinsengumi. Kondō and two other men, Serizawa Kamo and Niimi Nishiki, became joint leaders of the group, Shinsengumi served as a special police force in Kyoto that fought against the Reformists under Matsudaira Katamori, the Daimyo of Aizu.

Phantom Warrior 2 (BW Film Noir) by Jon Sheer on 500px. Suit of samurai armor for sale at the flea market outside of the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan.

Ken Domon 傘を回すこども 東京・小河内村 1935

Old Japan :: Burden-bearers on a stone bridge by a country house.