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Erkunde Warme Bloods, Sire Gribaldi und noch mehr!

Calido's Liebchen - Sired by the Holsteiner stallion Calidostar

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Bartlgut's CALACCIO born 19.03.2003 Holsteiner / WB Stallion Colour: Dark Brown

Georgian Grande Baron Von Vendavel Standing 17.3 at 6 Years old. The Georgian Grande Horse is a new horse breed being developed from crossbreeding the American Saddlebred on the Friesian horse and assorted draft horse breeds. The aim of the breeding is to create a Saddlebred-like horse that adds the best qualities of heavier breeds. One goal of the breed registry is to recreate a historic type of Saddlebred common prior to the 20th century that has been less emphasized in modern times.