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Steampunk Schlaghose im Hotpants Look

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"She watched as he walked away, but it didn't hurt her heart--she thought. She was ready to ride the stage coach and ride out West to new beginnings."

Ausrüstung Bogenschützin

red & gold French Nouveau Spats = I'm actually surprized that spats haven't come back into fashion. With today's need for a pair of shoes or boots to specifically match an outfit, spats would be a very good way to have that outfit match without having to go to the expense of buying (never mind storing) new footwear.

this reminds me of the type of gown that the tailor would have made for Katherine to wear to her sister's wedding. Katherine adores this gown, but Petruchio claims that he hates the gown and denies her of wearing it, proving that he has complete control and power over her. This lesson encourages her that in order to satisfy herself, she must satisfy him as well. - mittelalterliche gewandungen

Victorian Steampunk Style -- A little more fetish, but the disjunction of the leather and jacquard is fun.

Victorian Steampunk Bustle Skirt by Amber Middaugh

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