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Erkunde Viertel Ostfront, Juden Viertel und noch mehr!

Juden Viertel Ostfront Jews

Karen Ardinast and Gabriela Goldberg in the New Jewish Cemetery in Frankfurt am Main. Approximately 800 Jews preferred suicide rather than deportation. Usually suicides were buried in a rear corner of the Jewish cemetery. In Frankfurt, the tombs are found in the front part. Ardinast and Goldberg have lost much of their own families in the Holocaust. Ardinast’s grandmother survived

Russian Jews Deportation

The Monument in Birkenau. The plaque in Ladino language - the language of Sephardi Jews. Majority of Greek Jews deported to Auschwitz spoke that language.

A Jew in a Ghetto, Poland, 1940

Bucharest, Rumania, Jews being led with their hands up.

This is a photo from an event called Kristallnacht, where rioters who were instigated by the Nazi regime, destroyed and marked Jewish businesses. Jews were forced to only buy from other Jewish run stores marked with the Star of David and the word “Jew.” This relates to the picture of a man kicking a Jewish person from the store out onto the street, further showing segregation. Boycott Jews April 1 1933[Print Photo].Retrieved from

Niedwicza ,Poland, 1940, A deportation of Jews. None will survive when later sent to death camps