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Erkunde Ww2 Land, T-Modell und noch mehr!

1943 Volkswagen 166 SCHWIMMWAGEN - A military, amphibious vehicle based on the KdF Wagen (Kraft durch Freude) designed by Ferdinand Porsche, which in turn would later become the famous Volkswagen Beetle. This Schwimmwagen has a retractable screw at the rear. When used in water, it was coupled to a shaft connected to the rear-mounted engine. The exhaust was mounted high on the car so that water could not enter. A spade and paddles (!) were included as standard equipment.

Type 82, special edition for both street and railway

Foto Kübelwagen VW Typ 82 PKW Südfront Tarnlackierung DAK Afrika Tarnung 1943 | eBay

Volkswagen made approximately 52,000 Kubelwagens for the German Army in the 1930s and during World War II. The Kubelwagen is rear engined and rear wheel drive - 4x2 only - based on the famous Volkswagen people's car or "VW Beetle". As such its offroad performance was no match for the four wheel drive Jeep MB.

A Waffen-SS Kdf-Wagen (Volkswagen) "Käfer" ("beetle"). Note the SS registration plate.