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Erkunde Der Arztpraxis, München Fotograf und noch mehr!

Fotograf in der Arztpraxis “Hämostasikum München”

Medical Business Card

Visitenkarte,Medical Medical,Medical Business,Life Medical,Brand Business,Showcase Textured,Red Showcase,Created 16March12,Works Created

Business Portrait, Arztpraxis, Arzt Fotografie, Praxis Fotografie © Daniela Ponath


Unternehmens Fotograf Düsseldorf, Arzt Praxis Team Portrait

In the nineteenth century funerals became a lot more elaborate.

Poetry exists in your face - Crazy Faces Poetry series begins

Hemingway - only months after leaving the Star. He was a teenager when he came to KC. (1917) He spent 6 months as a cub reporter for The Star, covering the police, General Hospital and Union Station, interviewing VIPs and lowlifes and practicing what he later called "the best rules I ever learned for the business of writing - The Star's style. "Use short sentences, use short first paragraphs, use vigorous English. Be positive, not negative."

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