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..Berries & Passion: DIY - wax crayon art..

I've done this photo opp before but not with my subjects in this position.... Gives me even more ideas to try!

DIY desk . Super easy DIY by s i n n e n r a u s c h: Ein Schreibtisch zum Selberbauen

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." (Steve Jobs) ⚓️❤️ #getAnchored #paulhewitt #phreps #ancuffs

Manieren gehören an den Tisch und nicht ins Bett.

No woman, it would appear, can be taken at face value. There is a bad girl (or boy) in each of us fighting to come out and this workout makes sure than when it does it will be able to hold its own in any situation. Instructions: Repeat each move...

Cute, but I would wear this with black tights.

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