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Grenadier of the 'Führerbegleit-Division' (Führer escort division) armed with Stg 44 and Panzerfaust. Lower Silesia, 1945.

German soldier and his dog. Russia 22 December 1943

Soldier of the 14th WAFFEN GRENADIER DIVISION DER SS (1st Galician)

Stalingrad, 1942 December, house-to-house-fight, German infantry soldiers…

One of the Panther from the Wiking Division carrying infantrymen, possibly from 5. Jäger-Division, during the defensive operations around Warsaw in August 1944. The soldier in the foreground is armed with a StG 44 assault rifle.

This photo album was compiled by SS-Kriegsberichter Friedrich Zschäckel . They were taken during the Invasion of France in 1940, and feature troops from the SS-VT Division. We hope you enjoy these...

German soldiers from 1st Ski Division armed with StG 44's in Pripyat, Ukraine.

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