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Rising Stars at 100% Norway

Rising Stars Polster: durch Löcher gefädelt

hako stool . Yukati Hottacolor

j'aime l'idée de ces troncs peints à utiliser comme table d'appoint ou tabouret. Facile à réaliser soi-même!

Smok Chair by Austrian furniture designer Hans Sapperlot. #design #furniture #chaise #chair


Design to DIY: gummitwist

The Design Walker • Sail By Gan | Hub Furniture Lighting Living:...

Neu bei smow: Liesmichl von Moormann

Lovely, modern, and just right for bedside or chairside--By: Nils Holger Moormann

flexible bamboo stools designed by Taiwan-based Grass Studio

coffee table by ticino design

I love this stool to bench concept by Berlin-based Johanna Dehio - nice way to break it down