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Stoppt Primatenversuche in Zürich und weltweit! // Stop primate experiments in Zürich and... (6588 signatures on petition)

"In 2012 we revealed that Newcastle University has carried out 22,216 animal experiments including 57 primate experiments after obtaining large amounts of information though the Freedom of Information Act." Please sign: (via Animal Cruelty Exposed on Facebook)

Exposing UF Primate Testing Records: 5C126- Brutalized From Birth in a Concentration Camp, THEN Sold To The University of Florida Torture Ch...

The endangered slow loris species is facing unthinkable cruelty at the hands of Indonesian pet traders. When slow lorises are taken from their habitat to be 'groomed' as domestic pets, they are stripped of their teeth with pliers or nail clippers. This practice often leads to infection and painful death for the slow lorises. This endangered species has suffered enough-- we must stop the cruel trade of these animals in Indonesia.

A Quokka with a baby in her pouch, Rottnest Island, Western Australia by cadywaah

Please sign and repin petition: Ask NIH to Stop Funding Cruel UW Experiment on Cats!

Stop Selling Shelter Animals for Experiments in Michigan - please sign the petition on If animals could speak would you listen?

PLEASE SIGN AND REPIN PETITION: Help Us Tell It Like It Is: Animal Research Is Murder