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Napoleontic Hussar's costume, cotton, wool, metal. Made by Angela Mombers. You can see how it's made on


Britta leopard-jacquard coat

Claudius' Napoleon Coat will be heavily embellished to show that he is high commander of Denmark. It will be made in purple (different from the color pictured here), but tailored very precisely to emphasize the military lines. His adornments (including buttons and shoulder adornments) will be in gold or bronze. This future-meets-past aesthetic will bring to mind ideas of the original Hamlet production, but keep the world of the play intact as extremely futuristic.

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Royal Naval uniform (I particularly like the wire light bulb for a head...)

von Mashable

The only surviving images of veterans of the Napoleonic Wars

M. Moret 2nd Regiment 1814-15 French veteran of the Napoleanic Wars.

Dotazione individuale e armamento dei granatieri a piedi della guardia imperiale francese

von Mail Online

On display after 200 years: Rare Royal Navy uniform worn by survivor of Battle of Trafalgar (found in a plastic bag in the attic)

Rare: The blue and cream Navy uniform worn by Trafalgar survivor William Hicks is said to be the only one of its kind in existence

Napoleons Rückzug aus Moskau, Gemälde von Adolph Northen - der Erste, der floh, war Napoleon - so TOLSTOI in KRIEG UND FRIEDEN - er geht im übrigen sehr KRITISCH mit den Geschichtsschreibern um!!