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Erkunde Nicht Alles, Es Ist und noch mehr!

((Prussia is dating Russia. He has never told Russia about his true past because he doesn't want Ivan to look at him any differently. Prussia feels genuinely happy when he's with Ivan, but when he's not, he gets really lonely. Ivan is one of the very few that can actually make Prussia happy with little to no effort at all.))

I love this!! Canada, America and their 2p's. I'll gladly kiss them!!

Sebastian, from Black Butler

Not mine, but I'm going to start posting all the cool Hetalia pictures I find! So follow me for amazing, sexy Hetalia fanart!

This is for Jeff The Killer So iv read a lot of fanfictions for Jeff and let me just say this they all end the same. With Jeff going to kill a girl, but she is just perfect so he does not kill her he falls in love. Jeff kills people because he wants to free them from a world he hates. If he really cared/loved you he would end your life, not make out with you and take you away. I know this will piss people off but if Jeff is real I want him to know, that he has a fan who understands him...

Der Erste Stern, Chapter 4 (Read all for chapters: #Hetalia #APH (German x Italy, Shounen Ai Doujinshi)