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Upright Vacuum Review: Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum #hoover_commercial_vacuum #hoover_c1404_elite_lightweight_commercial_upright_vacuum #commercial_vacuum #hoover_c1404 #upright_Vacuum #lightweight_upright_vacuum

Faq: Welche Beruhigungsstufe ist am besten fr mich geeignet? #water_beds #configurator

The Golden Rules of Vacuuming

The Golden Rules of Vacuuming - Know the Players Many vacuum cleaners come with standard attachments -- but all too often they're forgotten. Know which tool to use on which surface, and your vacuuming will be more effective.

cool Bobo the Cat Loves to be Vacuumed

DIY Tip of the Day: Mini Vacuum Nozzle. It’s tough to vacuum dirt from little nooks and crannies around your house. Concoct this gizmo for tight spots: Poke a long plastic straw through the bottom of a stiff paper cup and run a bit of caulk around the straw. Just plunk the cup on the end of your vacuum hose and the suction will hold it in place. Use a straw with a flexible neck for reaching around curves and corners.

BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac, the Best Handheld Vacuum and Giveaway!

BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac, the Best Handheld Vacuum and Giveaway! - Down Home Inspiration

11 Great Budget Buys for Your Home in 2013

The O'Cedar O-Duster is an inexpensive way to pick up dust and pet hair in your house. #ihhs13 #cleaningappliances #vacuum

Handyman Gift Guide

Retracting extension cord reel: Keep your extension cord plugged in and ready to go, yet stored neatly out of the way. Senior Editor Gary Wentz says "Even non-DIYers will love it: My wife uses it when she vacuums her car or inflates the kiddie pool." Prices start at about $50 at home centers and online through our affiliation with

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews : Best Memory Foam Mattress