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Erkunde Chthamalus Stellatus, Leben Im Ozean und noch mehr!

Chthamalus stellatus

Crustacean - Percebes.iguaria - Plates with barnacles, in this case goose neck barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes) served at a Madrid restaurant.

Cowries are rare and reclusive mollusks, and spend most of their lives hiding under rocks in the South Pacific.

Ernst Haeckel - Kunstformen der Natur (1904) plate 56: Copepoda - Calanus pavo; Calocalanus pavo 1852 male Clytemnestra scutellata; 1849 female Oncaea venusta; Philippi 1843 male Cryptopontius thorelli; Cryptopontius thorelli Giesbrecht 1899 female Acontiophorus scutatus; Acontiophorus scutatus 1873 female Corycaeus venustus; Corycaeus venustus Dana 1849 female Sapphirina Darwinii; Sapphirina darwini Haeckel 1864 female Augaptilus filigerus; Euaugaptilus filigerus 1863.

A Hermit Crab in a Glass Shell

Hermit crab in glass shell.

Mouth Wide Open: Whale Shark via Despite the fact that it can open its mouth to almost 5' wide and has about 300 rows of tiny teeth, the whale shark is a filter feeder and dines on plankton, krill and algae. #Whale_Shark @whaleshark_org #Photography

18 Amazing Underwater Macro Photos

Imperator Shrimp. This tiny shrimp often lives in a symbiotic relationship with several nudibranch species, it lives on their back and in the gills of the nudibranch – feeding on it’s feces. They also live on sea cucumbers, but then they have a slightly different colour. This shrimp is easy to miss because of it’s size.