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Why my family is opting out of the Common Core testing

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Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl - YouTube If you love Paramore then check this band out! I love love them. Truly a song I can relate to<3

Two months ago, Pixies gave us a new title, the first in almost 10 years. “Bagboy” now has a successor, “Indie Cindy” freshly fallen. With “Indie Cindy,” we take a better grip, a very different song, more pop and melancholic. Again the group acted in the shadows and kept the track secret until the last minute.

Gaming, Then & Now Part 3

Gaming, Then & Now Part 3

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27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions


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Had a Bad Day

Had a Bad Day <--- seriously like 1 minute into it and I already shipped it... oh the life of a fangirl....