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Silver ring of Trichtingen Silver ring of Trichtingen Late La Tène, 1 c. V. Chr. The magnificent silver ring with a bull's head ends was discovered by chance during drainage work in the vicinity of Trichtingen.

Necklace. Date: Third quarter of 2nd century bc. Place of finding: Artiukhovsky Barrow, Grave No. 1. Archaeological site: Kuban. Material: gold, garnets, emeralds and sardonyx

Necklace, German, 4th century.

Necklace, 14th Century Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro. Coimbra, Portugal This rare gold necklace, enriched by the contrasting colours of the precious stones, belonged to the bequest of the Queen, Saint Isabel. It consists of 8 multi-lobed plates, linked by two parallel chains and accented by 9 baroque pearls in groups of 3. The central gems (3 sapphires, 1 glass, 1 glass doublet and 2 topazes) are surrounded by a collar, encircled on the base with a typical medieval setting of small…


Tania Lozano Klust

Pendant with the initials AA for the electoral couple Anna and August of Saxony Southern Germany (probably Nuremberg), 1548-1585

Sensational teardrop and oval shaped Lodolite Phantom Quartz gemstones each with a beautiful unique landscape inside, set in 925 sterling silver with toggle clasp. Length: 6.5-8" Widest center dimensi

Large decorative pendant. Dinglingerhaus, Johann Melchior (jeweler). Dresden, before 1727.

Pendant piece by Johann Schweikhard of Kronberg Germany, 1 Quarter of the 17th Century Gesellschaftsstück des Johann Schweikart von Kronberg Deutschland, 1. Viertel 17. Jh. Grünes Gewölbe

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