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Erkunde 2 3, Bern und noch mehr!

VALENTINO Uploaded by RaeLynn DeGraffenried

Burberry Comfy Satin Ballerina... pure comfort after a hard day! ; )

Uploaded by RaeLynn DeGraffenried DATE: Pool Party @ boss's home! (NOTE to SELF: Bring host/ess gft, tote, towel, hat, shades, sunscreen, co-ordinated lounging pants/skirt & bugspray for evening... P.S. REMEMBER to send Thank-you note, day after!) ~js

Thanks to RaeLynn DeGraffenried for helping me discover this cozy tea time vignette. -- Eve.

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Nathaniel Elvington DeGraffenried


Kirche Worb - Restaurierung - Grabplatten