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Pit bulls are the sweetest dogs, better than most people. Anyone that disagrees can suck it!

Loyal to the end, a blessing and a curse for this beautiful breed

i'm the one you fear?

New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need

Your New Puppy Checklist | Dog Infographic |

...even after you've left him home alone all day.

Dog Age Calculator: Dog Years to Human Years

How old is your dog in human years? Multiplying your dog's age by seven is easy, but isn't very accurate. This more carefully graded system piles the equivalent human years onto a dog's life more quickly during the dog's rapid growth to maturity. One "dog year" equals 4 "human years" from age 2-14 and 2 1/2 "human years" thereafter. See chart above to find out your dogs age!

Dog crate that also is a fancy piece of modern industrial furniture. Dun4Me is the marketplace for custom made items built to your exact specifications by talented makers. Get bids for free, no obligation!

It's time to stop blaming the wrong end of the leash. Dogs aren't the bad ones. It's people who are terrible.