The princess stood quietly by her father's side, watching his new bride come up the aisle, hat adorned with feathers and small albino finches. She tried to keep her face stoic, but inside she was disgusted; far be it for her to dictate who her father should marry, but she couldn't help objecting to his decision.

Her castle; © Copyright Andrea Hübner

The Awaiting by MKAphotography

Madisons Projekte,Madness Returns,Alice Im Wunderland,Zürich,Wildes Leben,Wilde Sachen,Vogel,Wonderland Aesthetic,Alistair Wonderland

you'll never be your mother or your father, do you understand?

salome in crisis@tumblr : unknown Photo

Holding my breath to make my presence unnoticed, the men walked by the door without suspecting a thing. It looks like finding this thing will be a lot easier than I had thought.

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