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Erkunde Priester Shaman, Schamanische Reisen und noch mehr!

A Tuvan shaman burning cedar on a mountain top in western Mongolia.

Mongolian Shaman Gankhuyag Batmunkh dances in a trance during a Shaman ceremony Ulan Bator in Mongolia

A 53-year-old shaman of the Tsaatan or Reindeer people. Ulaan Tolgoi, Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia. GORDON WILTSIE/National Geographic Creative

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rwa42: Certified Badass

Chaganar, Siberia - Tuvan Shaman performing healing ceremony

Female shaman with drum from Altai region of Siberia. The drum, often assisted by psychoactive fly agaric mushrooms, summoned the shaman’s spiritual helpers, sheltered the souls of a sick person, and defended the shaman against malevolent spirits.

Photograph by Tim Walker for Vogue December 2011. In northern Mongolia, reindeer territory, 13-year-old Puje fearlessly explores the wild landscape.

Q’ero peoples, I experienced their Andean mountain existence of 15,000 feet. It is high up, cold and intense. The moment I stepped foot into our first camp at 10,000 feet I could feel the emotions welling up inside of me, connecting me to an ancient land where only tenacious people could survive.