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Aachener Dom - Aachen Cathedral (792)- Aachen was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire during the reign of Charlemagne.

Holy Roman Empire in 1273 (The Hohenstaufen-ruled Holy Roman Empire and Kingdom of Sicily)

Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Hungary, Louis I of Anjou (1342-1382), goldgulden (obverse)

Heiliges Römische Reich, Königreich Sizilien und die Republik Venedig, ~1200

Holy Roman Empire. The Kingdom and it's guardian is engraved into my very core. I remember when he asked me to rule with him, he wanted the eagles to have two heads instead of one. But I knew the corruption of power, I saw how empires fell before me. I told him power is stronger when it''s divided. I was surprised to see this symbol, he made it two anyway, with Jesus in the middle as a divider..... .........I wish....never mind.

Roman parade helmet Roman Empire, Middle Franconia, 2nd Century AD

The Holy Roman Empire - He isn't really holy, he isn't really Roman, and he isn't really an empire. However, he is German.

VI - IX century invaders of the remains of the western and eastern Roman empires and Byzantium.

Holy Roman Empire #hetalia <--- That isn't Norway? I was trying to look at his temple, but it's kinda blurry....