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#ClippedOnIssuu from Waffen Arsenal - Band 166 - Deutsche Flugabwehrmaschinengewehre und ihre Lafetten in der Wehrmacht

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Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Happy Birthday, Queen Mum! Sie würde heute 116 Jahre alt werden und ist nach wie vor in unseren Herzen.

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Inspired Summer #3: Listen to TED talks while doing chores

Enjoying a lovely evening at home with a good radio show. 1940

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15 Badass Recipients Of The Dickin Medal

Judy, winner of the Dickin Medal for bravery in WWII. And owner of the best dog collar ever.

#ClippedOnIssuu from Waffen Arsenal - Band 166 - Deutsche Flugabwehrmaschinengewehre und ihre Lafetten in der Wehrmacht

"Between 1939 and 1951, mental asylums were flooded with patients due to World War II. During this time, in the United States alone over 18,000 lobotomies were performed on veterans, prisoners, rebels/political opponents, and even misbehaving children."


6 Images of Abandoned Weaponry You Won't Believe Are Real

Broadside from a U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship. The days of ship-to-ship clashes at sea may be largely over with, but you don't want to be on a shoreline that intelligence officers decide needs to be softened up for a Leatherneck landing with one of these babies!

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What Caused World War 1?

Great visual lesson on what caused WWI: Marker map, puppets, and a string map.

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Islamberg, USA . The Muslim Only Town Where Residents Learn Guerilla Warfare Tactics

jihad training for muslims living in Islamberg, located in rural upstate New York, is a 70 acre underground-bunkered paramilitary Islamic compound. Here within the compound lives a Muslim only community. The majority of these are black american born males, hardened criminals who converted to radical Islam whilst serving time in state prison. It is also the headquarters of Muslims of the Americas, the International Quranic Open University and the United Muslim Christian Forum. more.


The American Red Cross in World War II: Photos

The American Red Cross: LIFE Magazine Goes to a Red Cross Meeting in 1940 - LIFE