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Lithographie 50 jähriges Regierungsjubiläum des Grossherzogs Friedrich von Baden 1902

FELDPOST - (field mailing) - The use of a pencil to write a brief message on the back shows that the cards were valued at the time. Postage stamps are often not affixed to the card - soldiers were able to mail their cards without cost through the military mail system.

Postcard Coat of Arms Baden No. 6 Gesetzlich geschhutzt Kunstverla Paul Kohl

THREE RARE POSTCARDS FROM 1899, DEPICTIONS OF 'NORDDEUTSCHER LLOYD' THE (NDL, OR North German Lloyd) was a German STEAMSHIP LINE OUT OF BREMEN, GERMANY, Friedrich der Grosse IS IMPRINTED AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH CARD, THIS is the German name for Frederick the Great, a ruler of Prussia. It is also the name of a number of German-built ships, PERHAPS THIS WAS FOR THE 'SS Friedrich der Grosse', A STEAMSHIP, (COMMISSIONED IN 1896): A civilian passenger ship:

two EARLY 1900s BERLIN

1913 German backed 'Tuck' post card(artist: H.S.B. (Herbert Schultz, Berlin)) un-used & 'NEPTUN JUNIOR ' series # 937 by BrickorBrack on Etsy