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HK-living Couchtisch aus Metall, matt weiß, 69x69x30cm -

Ikea BESTA idea Vind ik n mooie oplossing maar voor ons genoeg opbergruimte?


Caroline Sleeper Creative

Caroline Sleeper Creative — Trouvé Magazine

Inspiration für das Herzstück des Cosy Home: Das Wohnzimmer.

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Charles Frederick Worth, the Father of Haute Couture

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You aren't designed to eat rotting flesh. Flesh doesn't rot in OBLIGATE carnivores - it rots when it passes through them after getting their nutrients. Pus is taken out of the rotting flesh before being wrapped in plastic and put on a shelf. Cow milk is for baby cows. It is whitened so that you don't realize the bloody, pus filled growth hormone liquid you are drinking is... exactly that. Animals are burned, cut into, beaten, electrocuted, drowned, buried, tortured and alone. Does any of…

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Hold the vision, trust the process.

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Tetradrachm from Herakleia ad Latmon, Ionia, C. 140-135 BC Stephanophoric type. Head of Athena Parthenos right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with Pegasos above the foreparts of five galloping horses / Herakles’ club; HPAKΛEΩTΩN above; below, Nike walking left, holding wreath in right hand, flanked by two monograms; all within oak wreath. With the collapse of Seleukid authority in Asia Minor in 189 BC, many communities of northwestern Asia Minor celebrated their liberation from…

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