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Erkunde Gut Wachsen, Wiederbeleben und noch mehr!

Pflanzen wiederbeleben mit selbst gemachtem Dünger

Wenn Pflanzen nicht mehr gut wachsen, die Blätter oder Köpfe hängen lassen, muss man sie nicht gleich entsorgen. Es gibt einen wiederbelebenden Notfall Dünger für solche Fälle.

Getting back on budget when your life has fallen apart

Getting back on budget when your life has fallen apart. It's easy to budget when life is good. But how do you budget and stick to a plan when your life has fallen apart or you're going through a tragedy? | Lydia@FrugalDebtFreeLife

Storing Garden Produce for Self Reliant Gardening

Storing garden produce is not only a great way to make the most of your bounteous harvest, but crucial if you plan on pursuing self-reliant living.

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Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade

Basically, a good rule to remember is that if you grow a plant for the fruit or the root, it needs full sun. If you grow it for the leaves, stems, or buds, a little shade will be just fine. Salad Greens, such as leaf lettuce, arugula, endive, and cress.

Do you want to be Debt Free for life? Follow these 4 steps to make it happen.

Living Debt Free for Life isn't easy, but these 4 steps will help you assess you situation and get on the debt free path for good!

Grow Herbs Indoors: 5 Herbs that Thrive Inside

Growing an indoor herb garden during winter can be challenging. Some herbs do fine while others need more light and warmth than a kitchen windowsill provides. After experimenting over the years, these are my top five herbs that thrive inside all winter.

Trotzphase - Umgang mit Wutanfällen in der Autonomiephase

16 clevere Tricks, die das Elterndasein erleichtern

Kinder/Eltern Tricks

So geht das richtig mit dem Baumschnitt ***