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Erkunde Sauerampfer, Heidi'S Spanish und noch mehr!

Chihinee, Tizwin, Moqui

Really big rabicano pattern

Legally Intoxicating, a grandson of Fantasia Vu. The white on the underside of the throat and neck is fairly typical of this pattern.

Arabian Horse Obsession!: September 2011 - Arabian Genetics Colouring .. Chestnut Rabicano - Arabians also may have some roaning, although it is not the same gene that causes a true roan like in other breeds (classified by dark head and points along with a lighter colored, nearly white body). Rabicano roaning is often partnered with sabino expression in Arabs. Rabicanos usually have a "skunk tail," one that is partially white.

A strange colour. He doesn't seem a liver chestnut, because he has lighter points. Maybe a sooty chestnut, although the sooty marks appear in different places.

Rare colored horses! POST AWAY!! - Page 339

Пегость сабино | 315 фотографий

Very much the refined type of our "Sahara"..same color but Sahara is not mottled in the coat. Unforgettable ERA (Sire of Cimarron)

Connemara - stallion Shackleton

chestnut splash white (homozygous) - Paint Horse mare Duallys Brite Lynx