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Erkunde Freundin, Mario und noch mehr!

Mario Götze und Freundin (imago)

Die Freundin vom Weihnachtsmann

Draghi schafft den Zins ab - der Euro taumelt - Yahoo Finanzen Deutschland


What the job of an undercover animal rights investigator looks like. These brave souls are critical to changing laws and people's hearts about the way animals are treated.

Persecution Unveiled Cause: ISIS Burns 15 Civilians Alive as Crying Woman Begs the West 'Save Us or Bomb Us'

Sideboob: Stars zeigen ihre sexy Seite – Yahoo Stars Deutschland

Turkish Boy Throws Rocks At A Defenseless Dog While His Friend Records The…

The fact that Halal butchers are immune from the law against slaughtering animals without pre stunning them, is blatantly wrong. It is unacceptable, that in a civilised society, innocent animals can be tortured to death in this way. Therefore, we the undersigned demand that the vulgar and cruel practise of Halal Slaughter be banned in the United Kingdom.

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