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4 Quick Bodyweight Exercises to Work Your Whole Body

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Zumba Festivals Around The World

Physical Activity for the Whole Family with great tips for the summer!

Watch any Zumba video or observe a live Zumba session and you will notice that the participants are not dressed in any particular Zumba apparel. That’s one of the best things about Zumba, you do not need to go scouting for specific Zumba clothing to attend a class. Just don a comfortable pair of clothes and appropriate shoes, grab a water bottle and towel, and head out to your energetic, fun-filled Zumba session!

H.I.I.T It! (High Intensity Interval Training)

12 (Sweaty) Burpee Workouts

12 (Sweaty) Burpee Workouts like this 20 minute circuit workout from Pumps and Iron. #FitFluential

Calorie-Burning Kettlebell Exercises for Every Fitness Level

Kettlebell training can burn 700 to 1,200 calories an hour! Do these beginner and advanced kettlebell exercises to get burning.

Which Is More Important: Exercise Or Sleep?

Sleep vs. Exercise: Which Is Healthier?