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Erkunde Mannheim, Alle Dinge Miniatur und noch mehr!

Dollhouse Miniature RoomBox - Sitting Nook By The 'French Window', Scale 1:12

Puppenhaus Miniatur RoomBox Winkel durch die von Minicler auf Etsy

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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miniatyrmama: More battery lamps!

My tiny world: Dollhouse miniatures

Instruction sheet for large indoor plants for 1/12th scale Dollhouses, Florists and Miniature Gardens

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Dollhouse Miniature Food - Sweet Macarons on Glass Display Stand - 1/12 Dollhouse Miniature Scale - For Lati Yellow or Pukifee Dolls

Oh sigh. I had a four story, hand crafted dollhouse growing up. This teeny tiny display of mini macaroons would have been so pretty in the parlour. Man, I loved that thing!