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In den Beinen 2015 « XALPS.DE // Das sieht doch schon mal vielversprechend aus!

Eddy Merckx - For those unmotivated days when I told myself, "an easy 30 minute ride" that turned into two hours.

Single tire trailers are the BEST when you're trying not to stick out into traffic! Two tire trailers are great for weight I suppose, but single tires have a less wide profile and will make your life much more pleasant. bike-tent-trailer

Aus Fahrradlenker und Fahrradsattel eine stylische Aufhängung basteln! Texas Style?

Actually, I need therapy, too, but cycling is my go-to for pretty much everything!

I wish I could have a whole week of nothing but...

ellensama: science-for-a-star: Gracia Scale Top Clothes I would kill to wear but could never pull off. =< More

I get these mixed feelings when I see brilliant design. I’m awed by it but at the same time, I’m jealous for not thinking of something similar before. Read Full Story at Yanko Design

There are few pleasures in life more honest than a good bike ride. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons for the resurgence of interest in cycling these days. But even cycling can get complicated — just ask any pro racer. The latest machine to emanate from the workshop of Ezra Caldwell and Fast Boy Cycles, however, epitomizes the innocent beauty of the bicycle.