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Erkunde Orientalischen Krieger, Vintage Nr und noch mehr!

Ninja (忍者) or Shinobi (忍び) were “special” agents of the feudal Japan - stealth soldiers and mercenaries hired mostly by the daimyo. They roles were based on unorthodox warfare methods – espionage, sabotage, assassination, escort, and sometimes even open fight. It began as military strategy of emperor Fushigitei and by the time of Kotei it was fully employed.

Las Técnicas del Ninjutsu - :: NINJUTSU 4RYU

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andremeister: Onna Bugeisha - Real Samurai Women! Here are some cool info about samurai women! :) And some pictures too hehe

Ninjas in Iran

Ninjas in Iran. Who knew?

A Mongolian female warrior. Get traditional archery from More