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Erkunde Fallschirmjäger Italy, Grüne Teufel und noch mehr!

Fallschirmjäger - Italy - Winter '43

Fallschirmjäger Unteroffizier - Italy - Sept. 1943

Fallschirmjäger - BMW R75 - Italy late '43/44

4.Fallschirmjäger Division, at Anzio in Italy, January 1944

German paratrooper near Monte Cassino, Italy, Jan 1943, carrying a machine gun and ammo belts and wearing light winter tunic usually issued to mountain troops.

American sniper - Italy July 1944 WW2 (Japanese-American sniper 100th Infantry Battalion of the US 442nd Regimental Combat Team in Castellina Sector, near Livorno, Italy, 15 July 1944)

11th Panzer Division on the way to Moscow, Winter of 1941 by GLORY. The largest archive of german WWII images, via Flickr