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Erkunde Heilige Römische, Römische Reich und noch mehr!

Brother in Arms ✠ Teutonic Knight ▶ Luther ✟ = Cleavage of Christendom =▶ 30 years war ! ▷ establishment of the Kingdom PRUSSIA 1701 ✠ = war ▷ 1871 1st german unification = establishment of GERMANY (2nd REICH) =▶ WW1 (support of communism ☭ ) ▷ 卐 3rd Reich (Das "NEUE" 'tausendjährige' "Heilige" "Römische" Reich Deutscher Nation) "Grossdeutsches Reich" =▶ WW2 ⚡⚡ Holocaust + + + !! ▷ The Wall ◒ 2nd German Unification ▶ EU IV Reich ?…

✠ German unification (1866-1871) 2nd Reich than WW1 ! |² < ☛ ۞ 237°

Frederick the GAY. Enlightened despot. Since 1740 King IN (because Prussia was a fief of the Polish Crown and the title KING OF PRUSSIA belonged to the POLISH CROWN!) and since 1772 King of Prussia ("OF" after the partitions of the KINGDOM of POLAND between Prussia, Austria and Russia. Understand why he became King OF Prussia? GERMANY as Nation exists since 1871 ! Prussia as State exists until 1947 ! What this megalomaniac nation brought for Europe and the whole world between this to dates?…

German empire ◁ ✠ ▷ 卐

Karte der Schengenstaaten (Schengenstaaten grün markiert)

✠ If you are interested in the true history and the origins of Prussia / Germany / 3rd Reich and their different incorporations under several names, please translate and read in your language of choice to know more about todays Europe. Bund Deutscher Osten - Nazi poster > note the swastika on the "holy" Teutonic Order shield ! ▼ +

Sophie von Isenburg und Georg Friedrich von Preußen

✠ German WWII Nazi Germany now includes Poland and Czechoslovakia !!

Hohenzollern: Preußisch, pompös – Ururenkel des Kaisers heiratet

Hochzeit im Hause Hohenzollern | ^

Brothers in Arms shirt featuring the symbols of the Knights Templar, Hospitaller, TEUTONIC KNIGHTS & the POPE ! ⍒ x | ▶